Artissima Present Future 2019
Present Future curated section of Artissima art fair in Turin (Italy)

Mercedes Mangrané’s artistic practice emerges from her more immediate daily life environment. Her small formats have a very particular treatment of the matter and a palette that, despite its friendly ranges, tends to a cold luminosity. For Present Future she displays a series of oil paintings linked to architectural places that suggest devastation and decadence through a detailed observation on the fissures derived from her immediate urban surroundings. Through the metaphorical approach to wall wounds the artist connects the healing process and sensuality of painting at the same time as displaying a variety of subtle semitones suggesting a touchable haptic feeling. As if human parts of a fragmented body facing an era of post-truth, the artist becomes a producer of resisting subjectivities through claiming for the existence of fragility.

Juan Canela, invited curator for the Present Future section.

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