Exvotos (2014)
Video HD PAL, sonido y color (16')

EXVOTOS chases an intimate approximation to popular devotion, reflecting on the paradox of the search of security through objects.
Fluctuating between sacred and profane spaces as the museum, the church or the cemetery (sometimes generating confusion among them) the film-essay generates reflections on the image and its potential focusing on the votive offerings, as well as the so-called “miracles”
(paintings containing a small legendary explanation about a miracle) that have historically been labelled with the stigma of minor art.

Looking for chinks of subjectivity in popular objects I found myself inmmersed in the world of the votive offerings, material offerings that originally were done to the gods in their temples as a ritual of worshipping or gratefulness.
Human body is represented from wax to bronze, as well as postcards and personal articles
which ilustrate the metaphor of an iconographic projection fallen in decadence.
The need of safety set in the object for facing the unknown.The own illusion to find a fiction turned into reality. About the documental character of painting.

I seek to generate structures of sense to what surrounds us. I have always thought about painting as a species of offering. And the film it’s all about the gaze.

Trailer del proyecto