Sitespecific installation at Pont de'n Jorda, Santa Eulàlia l'Hospitalet, Barcelona.
Invited by Juan Canela for the Compositions program during the Barcelona Gallery Weekend (10-13 october 2019) courtesy of Ana Mas Projects.
Pandere is also a publication. Limited color edition of 100 copies delivered in the bridge.
Photography by Roberto Ruiz

Pandere is an installation of expanded painting on the architecture of Pont d'en Jordà, proposing a coexistence between light and heavy, adapting to the holes of a structure that Mercedes Mangrané often sees on her way to her studio. Formulating a poetic approach to architecture for the passage and genre of landscape, the artist focuses her attention on the margins, on nature that has been eroded in pursuit of progress and a changing landscape that surrounds a structure inaugurated in 1935.

The intervention shows paintings installed as collages in the iron structure, remnants of canvas that intermittently hide and interrupt the view of the passer-by and highlight the construction lines as if it were a drawing. The motifs will be inspired by the abandoned corners of the area and its pre-industrial reminiscences, becoming a kind of viewpoint versus the continuous flow of life that passes through it.

Curatorial text excerpt by Juan Canela.